2011. december 8., csütörtök

The Ultra Modern Villa Veth by 123DV - Ultra modern Minimalista villa Hollandiából

123DV have completed the Villa Veth in Hattem, The Netherlands. The house is situated on a beautiful varied landscape; high, dry, sandy dunes interspersed with heather, willow bushes and grasslands. An ideal setting if you like the outdoors, like the inhabitants of this villa in Hattem.From the outside, this house exudes a feeling of luxury with a sleek, metallic, shiny exterior compiled against a glorious, elegant black piece of attractive architectural design. With this set against a gorgeous green landscape with a striking traditional pebbly path, the juxtaposition between traditional and modern is all too clear to see, and is a brilliantly executed technique. Another piece of traditional architecture is the sleek wooden flooring enacting as a patio, enhancing the amount of space available in this house and blurring the lines between outside and inside; privacy and sociability, which is a stunning modern aspect in itself.
Inside, the house continues with the smooth, glossy finish added to spacious, comfortable and modern rooms. This metallic look enhances a feeling of a futuristic atmosphere, while the use of an open-plan main living area and kitchen is appealing, as is the heavy saturation of glass to augment a stylish feel.With vast spaces, futuristic and stylistic finishes and traditional aspects mixed with contemporary techniques, the Villa Veth really encapsulates the future of luxury living.

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