2011. december 12., hétfő

The African Dream -House Serengeti by Nico van der Meulen Architects- Afrikai álom villa modern köntösben

Nico Van Der Meulen Architects, a Johannesburg-based studio, has completed the House Serengeti project, a contemporary two-storey home perfectly encapsulating the beautiful South African scenery.Surrounded by gorgeous wildlife and natural beauty providing the house with a stunning modern edge, the House Serengeti really is a juxtaposition of contemporary architecture against traditional scenery; the results being a strikingly attractive residence with endless options. Aside from this spacious garden area, the exterior of the house itself is a contemporary masterpiece, with the South African based studio employing a heavy saturation of box-like shapes, all varying in size.The houses interior exudes a comforting, relaxing, elegant, luxurious feel. The generally bright furnishings clash beautifully and effectively with the dark seating spaces, creating a homely, attractive and bespoke atmosphere. The main living area is combined with the kitchen in a clever open-plan design, opening up the house commendably and furthering the options for privacy or sociability, whichever is desired.The architects aim to capture the South African scenery and emphasise the natural prominence is clear in the bedroom mainly.  With a clever, refined wood material on the wall and a heavy saturation of the colour green combined with beautiful views, the luxury and comfort of this home really is clear to see and experience.

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