2011. november 27., vasárnap

The Stunning Contemporary Beach House by MOOARC- Lenyűgöző kortárs tengerparti ház design Nagy Britániából

MOOARC have recently completed Le Portelet house on the island of Guernsey,UK-  a beautiful, quaint home with a gorgeous view combined with luxury living.
Designed as a new family home, which sits within the wooded slope overlooking Portelet Harbour, this lavish residence mixes natural beauty with refined architecture, with amazing, effective results. The palette of materials blends with the beach setting and mediates between water, earth and sky. The rock side location and beautiful natural atmosphere sets the scene for this luxurious house. MOOARC continue this trend with the exterior of the home, with large windows allowing for natural light to shine through the house, and an attractive wooden material for the houses shell.

The interior follows this luxurious aspect, with a sleek, shiny wooden floor assuming the centrepiece. Beautiful, comfortable seating, tables and lamps are in the main living area, all in the colour black to accentuate the natural lighting. The white walls clash with the black living area, creating a brilliant effective. The most exciting and luxurious aspect of the unsegregated living area and kitchen area however is the rotating fireplace. This modern architectural design is coupled with a hanging façade, leaving the client in no doubt as to the contemporary luxury this house accommodates.

Along with a gorgeous, sleek kitchen area, this home really does shine with luxury, modern living in the perfect location.

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