2010. október 5., kedd

Fantastic Woolahra House Renovation in Sidney, Australia from Stanic Harding

From Stanic Harding architecture + interiors:
The house is one of a row of detached Federation houses built in 1901 and sits on ridge overlooking Cooper Park. The frontages are mostly intact however the rear of the properties facing north are diverse in both character and quality. Our house was badly renovated in the 1970's and as such only the front street facing room and street facade was retained. The project involved the complete removal of all other structure and the excavation of a new complete floor level under the existing street entry level including a pool. The street frontage had to be restored so we endeavored to create a contrasting contemporary rear facade that addressed the northern aspect and the Park. The edge treatment of the new rear balcony literally frames these views. The small scale of the footprint resulted in the need for careful spatial connects both horizontally and vertically to extend the available space. A new slatted light court replaces the existing front terrace. Floor level changes, joinery elements and ceiling treatments create and conceal spaces. The property has been in the family for many years and our client lived in this house over looking Cooper Park as a child. It was therefore pleasing to carefully remodel the house for her young family in turn.

Az 1901 ben épült és Sidney szívében a Cooper parkban található, mind a mai napig győnyörű kis házhoz nyúlt hozzá Stanic Harding és csapata. A házat már 1970 -ben egyszer már átalakították de nem igazán sikerült az átmenet a századfordulós homlokzat ill. a modern -kortárs hátsó front között.Ezt próbálták a tervezők a legjobb tudásuk szerint korrigálni a jelenlegi igények és korunk álltal megfogalmazott követelmények szerint. Szerintem sikerült ..........

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