2010. október 4., hétfő

Modern Residence Interior in N.Y. by Magdalena Keck Interior Design

May be this modern luxury residence interior design by Magdalena Keck can be perfect inspiration for us to remodel or redesign our house living space. This commercial and residential Upper East Side residence for nearly a decade has fancy and minimalist interior decorating  which combine with lavish furniture design such as leather sofa, creative bathtub design and many others. Magdalena Keck streamlined designs have been available in Interior Design,
Magdalena Keck looks for essence, getting the minimalist and creating it special through imagination, details and finishes. With thoughtful questions and close observation, she guides clients to express their individuality and wants. The house design  ideas inspired by nature, art and technology, Keck’s signature approach combines immaculate craftsmanship and function to accomplish a distinctive sophistication through honest, clean and genuine design. Here is it best sample photos gallery of luxury residence interior design ideas just for you.

  New Yorkba az Upper East Side-ra tervezte  Magdalena Keck ezt a modern kicsit minimalistába hajló elegáns lakást .Az első ránézésre sablonosnak tűnő munka mögött  ott rejtőzik az átgondoltság, a kreativitás és a tiszta őszinte design amelynek inspirációja Magdalena szerint a természet ihlette művészet és technológia volt.

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