2012. június 18., hétfő

The Extravagance Cocoon House in Korea - Meghökkentő és extravagáns koncepció Kóreából

The Cocoon House at Jeju island, Seoul is home architecture inspired volcanic living in amazing Korean home planning. In their home planning gallery created a wonderful techniques for Cocoon house decor of Korean home architecture. Architect describe in nature home building like cocoon for protect inner living. The construction home planning started from 2012 till 2015.
The cocoon home decor creates an art piece of cocoon as an eco-home design. This seaside resort located in UNESCO Heritage Jeju Island of the cocoon house with the circular windows, it’s unique home decor seems like a live cocoon.
The floor, wall and ceiling to have inspirational home space with new perspective on private gallery, library, and party space. The volcanic home inspired island Jeju in a unique forest enables of diverse living things.
Nature home planning is environment-friendly interior and exterior finishing materials made from Jeju. Healthy and pure house includes an open air pocket pool enables swimming to feel enjoying the nature of Jeju island. The cocoon house located in ‘Gotjawal Village’ of the ‘Jeju Airest City’ in new concept of condominiums city.

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