2011. október 25., kedd

Modern contemporary Loft design in Arve,France - Különleges Modern loft belsőépítészet Franciaországból

In the year 2008 a new and funky designing company has been launched by Fabienne Michaud and Bertrand Calis in the land of Morocco. The portfolio of this company reveals many projects like concept store, hotels, restaurants, offices and houses. The experienced Dum Dum design is well learned in the areas of space and object. They bothered the detailed work by using all the ingredients to follow a professional architecture building track. By remaining in the budget the 350 sqm enclosure in Arve, France has established a home extremely cheerful and fun loving in its sense. The house welcomes with the glass corridors that mark the space in the house and is decorated with sleek and comfy cushions and modern loungers. The perfect ceiling lights are emerged all the way to the rooms and are enhancing the interior inside. The designer has used the geometrical and flowing style of furnishings placed in the living room as well as in the dinning room. The old traditional Savoyard architecture is also emerged with local materials like black and white granite...
From all the perspectives the indoor is a bright open space. All the rooms are organized to utilize a proper space according to the sun cycle. The designer has placed the rest rooms in the East and living and activities rooms in the West and South. The main bedroom has a large dressing-room and an attached bathroom.The day light flushes in side by the curtains and gives a natural sensation to the lounge. The main living area can bee seen from multiple places with the addition of book shelves and a large poster which is basically a sliding frame that filters the light. The designer says: “I love my home because people who come here for the first time feel immediately comfortable”.

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