2011. október 22., szombat

The Beautiful Rustic Boat House in in Aure, Norway - Klasszikus Norvég csónakház átalakítása

Strips of glazing wrap the walls and roof of a timber waterside summerhouse in Aure, Norway.Designed by architects TYIN tegnestue, the building is made of materials that were salvaged from a dilapidated boathouse on the site, plus new grey-patinated pine.
Here’s a description of the project from the architects:
TYIN tegnestue Architects
Traditional Norwegian boat houses have been used to store boats and fishing gear,but now many of them are being converted for recreational summer use.
At this site, the existing boat house was in bad shape and had to be torn down, but its simple shape, sensible placement and honest use of materials inspired the new building.A lot of the materials were reused, either as shuttering for the concrete walls and footings or as internal panelling.Windows from the client’s farmhouse were also reused. The exterior cladding is Norwegian pine impregnated with a by-product from the sugar cane industry, which will give grey patina.The shutters on the long side swing open with the help of simple steel fittings. A flexible process, which allowed on-site design reactions, has been essential to the result.

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