2012. október 29., hétfő

Modern Luxory Villa in Cape Town, Designed by Antoni Associates - Kifinomult belső design Dél Afrikai belsőépítészektől

Pearl Valley 334 is a residential project completed by Cape Town-based Antoni Associates in Cape Town, South Africa. Here is the official press release we were sent by the studio: A young family re-locating to the Western Cape was looking to change from city living to a more relaxed country lifestyle in which to bring up their young family and settled for the exclusive Pearl Valley Golf Estate located near Paarl, just 30 minutes away from Cape Town. The initial architectural footprint for the house was designed by Gauteng based architect, Gardiol Bergenthuin. The owners approached ANTONI ASSOCIATES to create an interior that was modern but with an emphasis on ‘barefoot luxury’ and the use of natural materials.

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