2012. szeptember 24., hétfő

Azuris House in Hamilton Island,AU by Renato D'Ettorre Architect - Modern minimalista tengerparti ház Ausztráliából

Sydney based Renato D’ Ettorre Architects have created a slice of heaven on
Picturesque Hamilton Island. A series of connecting pavilions are positioned
to harness views across the Coral Sea, with the material palette allowing the
building to integrate with its surrounding bushlands.
As with Azuris, Solis overlooks the Coral Sea and faces the open waters on
Queensland’ s Hamilton Island. The sculptured concrete, stone and glass
home opens the vast open plan indoor / outdoor living areas to integrate
with the natural landscape, spatially orientated to capture views across
out to the ocean, the residence is wrapped with a swimming pool and
ponds, embracing the serenity of the Great Barrier Reef waterways.
An island holiday home overlooking the Coral Sea has been awarded top
Honours at the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2012 Central Queensland
Regional Architecture Awards.

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