2012. július 16., hétfő

The Minimalis Villa W in Taunus ,Germany by CMA - Minimalista villa épület ,letisztult belsőépítészettel

This luxury building is located on a southwestern slope, with a great view over the hilly landscape of Taunus (Germany). This landscape inspired the shape of this structure.

The building’s strict geometry negotiates between the neighboring buildings and tries to conect without closing-up or crowding the space. The house consists of a white, L-shaped body– containing the bedrooms on the upper floor – located over a U-shaped living area on the ground floor. The basement is being used to house guests and the Wellness area can be found there as well.

The lack of a gas supply line was the initial point for developing the structure’s energy scheme. The latter implied the usage of geothermal energy being the most ecologically worthwhile and forward-looking solution.

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