2012. június 5., kedd

Elagant Contemporary Curved House in Springfield, Missouri. - Kortárs Minimalista Bungaló letisztult családias Belsőépítészettel

Kansas City-based design studio Hufft Projects have completed the Curved House. Completed in 2009, this modern family home can be found in Springfield, Missouri.
According to the architects: “The contemporary Missouri home is a modern residence with distinctive lines. Conceived in plan as a U-shaped form, this residence features a courtyard that allows for a private retreat to an outdoor pool and a custom fire pit. The master wing flanks one side of this central space while the living spaces, a pool cabana, and a view to an adjacent creek form the remainder of the perimeter. A signature masonry wall gently curves in two places signifying both the primary entrance and the western wall of the pool cabana. An eclectic and vibrant material palette of brick, Spanish roof tile, Ipe, Western Red Cedar, and various interior finish tiles add to the dramatic expanse of the contemporary Missouri home. The client’s interest in suitability is manifested in numerous locations, which include a photovoltaic array on the cabana roof, a geothermal system, radiant floor heating, and a design which provides natural daylighting and views in every room.”

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