2012. június 29., péntek

The Black and White Miami Residence, by Nacho Polo- Neobarokk , fekete - fehér lakás belsőépítészet

Nacho Polo, Miami designer has fashioned his own language for starkly white. He’s added a bit of drama to white while respecting its formal purity. He used white to create glowing brightness and accentuate the essence of his Nineteenth Century apartment and recent furniture by Maarten Baas, Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders.
Madrid-born and Miami-based designer and architect Nacho Polo’s apartment retains a classic mood, yet indulges minimalist cleanliness. “I could not live without a notebook with blank pages and a pencil to draw,” he claims. In a sense, he has treated his apartment as a white canvas, dripping sensual accents of black paint and classic elements of crown moldings and carpentry.

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