2012. május 15., kedd

Geometrical Concrete House in Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects - Geometrikus beton ház koncepció Kínából

Shangai-based design studio Archi-Union Architects has designed this Tea House and Library. Completed in 2011, this contemporary tea house is located in the backyard of their office, in Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.
According tot he architects: “The Tea House is constructed from salvaged parts of a  collapsed warehouse roof. The site was extremely constricted with walls on three sides, with only one side facing towards a nopen space that contains a pool. The space was further restricted by a mature tree.The design tries to embody harmony by integrating enclosure and openness, delightful space and logical construction and other complicated relations.
This contemporary Chinese property reacts to the site’s environment; the plan layout is a logically obscure quadrilateral, thus maximising the amount of space. It is divided into three parts. A covered public area is formed towards the open space with the pool, with an enclosed tea house at ground level and library on the first floor where a small triangular balcony extends around the existing tree. Other more private spaces exist such as a lounge, reading room and service room which are arranged towards the rear of the building; a delightful transitional space was created to connect the public space and the private spaces.” Images courtesy of  Zhonghai Shen.

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