2012. március 22., csütörtök

The Exciting Yacht House Design in Singapore by Aamer Architects - Izgalmas ,Yacht-ra hajazó luxus villa kialakítás

Here are the wonderful house with resort style – ninety7- siglap house by Aamer Architects.  This really a beautiful and unusual house called Ninety 7- Siglap located on the Siglap Hill, in Singapore. Master and family room are placed on the third level having the best views. Living and Dining on the second level, connected with external verandahs / terraces that flow upwards and fold into the roof form with deep overhangs for sufficient shade and channeling the breeze through the whole house. Hanging over the swimming pool the Ninety 7 - Siglap house resembles a ship. Two resort style ‘Cabana’ bedrooms are located on the ground level by the pool with a large open/covered terrace for poolside parties.

A sculptural metal ‘drum’ anchors the ‘ship’ to the ground and houses the toilet/shower and barbeque pantry.The house is surrounded with lawns and greenery. The white exterior is wrapping around the wood and glass interior featuring floor to ceiling glass walls and doors. The beautiful mosaic outdoor shower has a round shape made in wood and an access to the poolside terrace. Roof gardens and timber decks provide added insulation from the sun.,

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