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Office Design Inspirations - Iroda belsőépítészet , design ill. kialakítási ötletek

The office design of present day shows a really diversified picture.Taking into account the principals' demands and possible images the designers try to realize the most unique and the most designed ideas within the confines of functionality and ergonomics.
Have a look at the following,expanding and inspiring article, and you can decide which one you would like: the clear-out,modern,minimalist office, the loft-like,rude,industrial design or the flimsy, colourful,smart,some of the items are artistic interior design that is completed alienated from the ground.

Napjaink iroda kialakítási trendjei igazán változatos képet mutatnak. A megbízók igényeit és esetleges arculati elemeit figyelembe véve a tervezők megpróbálnak a funkcionalitás és az ergonómia határain belül a leg egyedibb és design -osabb ötleteket megvalósítani mindenki örömére.
Nézzétek meg a következő egyre bővülő inspiratív anyagot ,és mindenki döntse el hogy neki melyik tetszik , a letisztult modern minimalista iroda , a loft szerű , kicsit indusztriális , nyers  kialakítás , vagy akár a talajtól teljesen elrugaszkodott laza , színes , ötletes szinte egyes elemeiben artisztikus iroda enteriőr.

BBC North Creative Interior Spaces

The BBC’s new creative hub in the Greater Manchester area in North England is a vibrant modern workplace that offers more choice in less space. The interior design by IS:SR is visually striking with “meeting pods” lining the atrium. Narrow spaces at the edge are transformed into intimate pods. The activity-driven design make efficient use of space, allowing flexible and creative balance.

Eegoo Offices by dEEP Architects in Beijing,China.

 The new Beijing office for eegoo is the antithesis to the office typology where traditionally the cubical dominates the organization and shape of the program. As some will argue, form follows function. Conversely, what can be experienced is a flow of form and circulation generated by a cellular sequence. The cell structure generates a congruent office environment while enlisting a variable of juxtaposing functions not typically found in the typology. The Beijing eegoo office is a space for open discussions and decision making to be accord; an office where ideas can flow freely from the private to the public, from cell to cell.
A nodal organization sequence is given to the program, in which generated cells range in size and use, from private offices to a library and a cafe. The circulation meanders around the building’s core and swells in size to accommodate surrounding functions. The path is largest near the larger public cells of the café and materials library, and narrower around the smaller private offices.

APBC Offices by Asylum in The Pavilion Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Redefining the conventional office space, apbcOffices were designed to create a calming and tranquil environment; inspired by nature and tinged with an element of surprise.Located in the bustling city’s main shopping, entertainment and tourism district, the new serviced office occupies the 16th floor of The Pavilion Tower at 10,473 square feet, incorporating natural materials to provide a comforting yet conducive working environment.
Opened in October 2011, the offices were conceptually designed with strong elements of nature, unfolding an experiential story at every corner. Upon stepping into the office, the walls are lined with timber strips, simulating a walk amongst trees, leading the way to the reception desk carved out of natural stone.
Pop-art flower installations sweep across the boardroom, while meetings are rejuvenated in butterfly themed rooms. A unique interpretation of a nature-inspired enclave, the serviced offices are named after different breeds of birds, contributing to a warm ambience and holistic experience for churning out that next big idea.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan

Unilever Office by Camenzind Evolution

Camenzind Evolution designed a new office interior for Unilever headquarters in Switzerland.

Red Town Office by Taranta Creations

Taranta Creations have designed their own studio located in Shanghai, China.


Taranta Creations have designed their own studio located in Shanghai, China.


 Futuristic Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices by Cuartopensante Arquitectura

Cuartopensante Arquitectura has designed an office interior for Hidrosalud, a Spanish company from Valencia that operates in the water treatment industry.
Through use of explicitly futuristic design and colours, this office interior exemplifies modern, comfortable and colourful architecture, making it perfect for a relaxing, natural office environment. White dominates the scene in the interior of this office, ensuring that the atmosphere exudes a relaxing, peaceful feel, ideal for an excellent working, co-operative scene. The lighting is also beautiful here, accentuating the modern touch with the blue tinting.

Yandex Kiev Office  from Za bor Architects

The Yandex company, for which this office is designed for, is the most popular Russian Internet segment search engine with lots of useful services, one the world top 25 sites. The company is constantly developing, so in late July, the Kiev Yandex branch moves to new office. As a dozen other Yandex offices it is designed by the Moscow bureau za bor architects.

Office 04  -  i29 Interior Architects

With Tribal DDB, our goal was to design an environment where creative interaction is supported and to create as much workplaces as possible in a new structure with flexible desks and a large open space. All of this while maintaining a work environment that stimulates long office hours and concentrated work. As Tribal DDB is part of an international network a clear identity was required, which also fits the parent company DDB. The design had to reflect an identity that is friendly and playful but also professional and serious. The contradictions within these questions, asked for choices that allow great flexibility in the design.

Cannon Design Regional Offices / Cannon Design

After standing vacant for nearly 30 years, the St. Louis Municipal Power House building at 1100 Clark Avenue in downtown St. Louis, opened as the new offices of Cannon Design in September 2008. In 2007, the firm purchased the 19,000 sqf building and provided all design, development, and construction management services for its restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse—an investment that represents the firm’s confidence in the future of the city of St. Louis.

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