2012. február 24., péntek

Inspirative Tori Tori Japanese Restaurant in Polanco,Mexico - Egyedi modern étterem belsőépítészet , stílusos megoldásokkal

Polanco area, Mexico City, has suffered some major transformations during the last years. Houses have become offices and restaurants, a process not always noticeable as these new spaces kept the old buildings without altering them.
Tori Tori, a well-known Japanese restaurant in Mexico City, was moved from its original place in Polanco to a bigger location in the same area, but the architect Michel Rojkind and Hector Esrawe, an industrial designer, transformed the space inside and out, keeping only the parking  lot unchanged.
Although the clients requested a Japanese design, the architects thought it would be better to be a modern and cosmopolitan space, with a powerful impact. The restaurant opens with a terrace surrounded by vegetation, which connects the inside with the outside. The organic façade and landscape give this place its own personal expression.  This unique façade, which seems to emerge from the ground and swallow up the entire building, is made of two self-supporting layers of steel plates, crafted after a certain pattern, which filters light, views and shadows.
Inside, the restaurant was divided into differently designed spaces, each with its own purpose: a sake bar, an exclusive temple for the sushi lovers, etc. The furniture, which was designed especially for Tori Tori, was created to match the demands and purpose of each space. That is why the clients have a variety of options and sensations to choose from, in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

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