2012. február 28., kedd

The Contemporary LA House by Studio Guilherme Torres - Modern kortárs családi villa Braziliából

 LA House is a 410 square meter house, in three levels, which was completed in 2009; the house is designed for a young couple who wished to eliminate the small spaces and the traditional partitions in the existing condominium in Londrina, Brazil.  The architectural concept is to ‘break the paradigm’ as the architect quoted.  Accomplishing this from the very first look before you even enter the house, a big wooden box of Brazilian teak cumaru wood cries out loud and calls for everyone’s attention; you can see this box whether you are inside or outside the Londrina based condo.
The all-white living room area which is located on the ground floor facilitates the linkage between the inside and the outside by means of large pivoting glass doors.  Upon entrance to the living room you come face to face with the 1981 Galaga static arcade game wall, the wall stickers can fascinate everyone as they bring memories of the past to everyone; I can’t believe that there is any single person who could claim that they haven’t enjoyed this or any other arcade game!  An oversized sofa in light grey compliments the capitone light blue oversized pouf which totals four square meters and is the centerpiece of this double height living room; a beige flokati shag rug runner scuttles 10meters parallel to the sofa and is frivolously placed on the polymer-cement floor.  Iconic furniture such as Nelson Platform Bench – George Nelson, Zigzag – Gerrit T. Rietveld, Butterfly/Hardoy chair – Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Wassily Chair – Marcel Breuer, and the Cubo armchair - Jorge Zalszupin add the final touches to this magnificent interior.

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