2012. január 16., hétfő

Revolutionary and Contemporary Residence by Jorge Hrdina - Különleges kortárs , modern családi ház design Sydnei-ből

This revolutionary and contemporary residence, the ‘Lilypad house’ was designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects in Sydney, Australia. Enveloped by two refined structures, the house was measured to accommodate ease of access by wheelchair and blur the line between private and public.
The modern theme continues inside the house itself, with a sleek and shiny finish to an interior which boasts a vast amount of space, allowing freedom and leisure time, while the ‘lilypads’ that anchor both ends of the house provide necessary shade and insulation.As opposed to completely dominating the house though, the ‘lilypads’ simply perform as a contemporary standpoint, while the boundless exterior allows the aforementioned line between public and private to be forgotten, as the house simply forms a connection with the park opposite.
Again, the options for leisure time here are limitless, and the sun-filled courtyard merely adds to the luxurious feel of this modern home.In the evening the ‘lilypads’ come to life; the structures shining bright as the lavish interior is enjoyed. The lack of any physical boundaries allows a limitless freedom and an indulgence in the beautiful feel of nature, while the interiors expansive and modern touch gives a feeling of luxury.

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