2012. január 20., péntek

Beautiful Contemporary Wood exterior in Kitzbuehel - Modern fa homlokzat burkolatú családi ház Németországból

Hamburg-based practice Splendid Architecture has completed the 'Kitzbuehel Mansion', a residence overlooking the alps in Kitzbuehel, Austria. placed on a steep slope, the form is divided into two entities, appearing as if two pieces of wood have been strewn in the landscape. raising the interior program made framed views of the mountains possible, as the perspectives were initially obstructed from the site. Generated the facades fenestration arrangement. the wings, dedicated to living to the east and sleeping to the west, are linked with a ground level glass connector and elevated path. The entry level is reserved for the kitchen, dining room and master bedroom with accessible terraces. placed on the highest floor,
the living areas maintain the best vistas of the snow capped mountain ridges. guest rooms and wine cellars are placed below grade.
The exterior is clad with locally sourced tyrolean wood, leaving a rough appearance with staggered planks projecting over windows, concealing their frames. inside, a material palette of oak wood and colored concrete flooring are illuminated with artistic lighting fixtures for a warm atmosphere.

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