2011. november 10., csütörtök

Open House with Zero Stairs in Wroclaw, Poland- Otthonos minimalista családi ház modern letisztult belsővel

This unusual but beautiful home is located in Wroclaw, Poland. It was a project by Przemek Kaczkowski & Ola Targonska with the help of structural engineer Slawomir Pruchnik. The house covers a surface of 253 square meters and the construction was completed in 2011. As the name in the title suggests, this is a house that has absolutely no stairs. This was a request from the clients, a middle-aged couple that wanted a house that would be both practical and enjoyable.The request was unusual but understandable and the site was quite friendly regarding this aspect. It was basically a flat piece of land in a suburban part of the city of Wrocław, surrounded by a bunch of houses with mixed styles and materials. The house was placed along the northern border of the plot and this way it shelters the remaining garden from unwanted views and the nearby road.

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