2011. november 22., kedd

The Sustainable Eco Friendly Luxory Loft by Fernanda Marques - Fantasztikus Luxus Loft Belsőépítészet Braziliából

Fernanda Marques a Brazil based architect studio designed this luxury sustainable winter loft for the Casa Cor 2010 exhibit.  Described as: “A house that expands your horizons, that doesn’t confine, that is virtually and concretely open to the world, nature and its inhabitants.”

Fernanda Marques´s project for the Casa Cor 2010 exhibit was inspired by sustainability issues. All of the coverings, both internally and externally, were executed in recycled wood, as well as all the furniture, which carry the green seal representing the company’s commitment to the environment.
The lighting they adopted was the highly-efficient LED system, to lower energy consumption. Emblematically, the tree trunks originally from Bahia became the buildings supporting pillars.
From a conceptual point of view the eco-friendly loft was designed to meet the needs of a hectic family’s everyday life. The open plan single space of  207m², contains a living-room, gourmet kitchen, bar and a video hall.

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