2011. október 13., csütörtök

Modern Geometrical Villa Design in Venlo,NL by Loxodrome - Geometrikus építészet pazar textúrákkal

Rough grey slate and red-stained wood panels infill a zig-zagging stone frame on the exterior of a house in Venlo, the Netherlands.Designed by Dutch architects Loxodrome, the house has four staggered storeys that align with the sloping landscape.Angled recesses in the facade createsheltered balconies outside the upper-ground-floor living room and the first-floor master bedroom.Two smaller bedrooms are also located on the first floor, while kitchen and dining rooms are at ground level and a garage slots into the basement.On the top floor of the house is a television room, which leads out to a roof terrace and hot tub.We’ve published lots of interesting Dutch houses on Dezeen in recent months, including a townhouse covered in tacked-on fabric and a family home with three faceted skylights

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