2011. szeptember 26., hétfő

The Minimalist Wrap House in Hiroshima City from Future Studio- A hajtogatott minimál családi ház Japánból

WRAP HOUSE’ was including the three elements sunlight, spacious sense and privacy to enrich the living space. The minimalist house was situated in a flat residential quarter in the Southwest of Hiroshima City.As the site was from all sides surrounded by houses, one of which was directly limiting the site boundary, it was important to come up with the following architectural arrangement. To create a bright and wide space while protecting one’s privacy despite the site’s restrictions, a wall enclosed around the full site creating a ‘void’ on the north side while respecting the permitted floor area ratio. A terrace, which was located adjacent to the parking space extended the north orientated living space while facing the street to the north. In addition, considering the natural sunlight conditions for the neighboring house to the west, a pitched roof was selected. The ‘void’ on the east side was surrounded by a v-shaped wall. As a result, sunlight shines into the void in the morning and a ‘sunlight well’ was established. A white wall reflected the collected sunlight and brightened the room gently. In the early morning, sunlight came in the void from the east. As the sun rises further it shined through the upper window, and when the sun started to decline light falls through the skylights. Thus, as the way the light came in constantly changes from sunrise to sunset, the space moved with the flow of time. When the night came, the diagonally cut wall emerged while the scenery around it disappeared. A space different to the daytime appeared.

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