2011. augusztus 16., kedd

The Clear and Aery Minimalist Villa in Flanders, Belgium - Modern, letisztult minimalista családi ház design

The Villa VH in T, by Beel and Achtergael Achitecten, is designed for a client who wanted a house where he could relax in calm and privacy among his family and friends and enjoy his extensive art collection. The site for the building is on a mixed vernacular residential / light industrial street close to the clients companies offices. On the inside of this shape a continuous glass wall opens the generous circulation and living rooms to this “heart”, the social core of the house. Designed for easy living, it is here that guests are invited to enjoy the light, space and art. To the outside the walls of the building are mostly closed however: smooth surfaces of white plasterwork, only sparsely punctuated with large windows where needed for the more intimate rooms that cradle the transparent inner space. Photography by Filip Dujardin.

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