2011. július 2., szombat

The Luxory Minimalist Villa in Guadalajera,Mexico by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos - Minimalista Luxusvilla Mexikóból

The house is located in one of the oldest settlements housing in Guadalajara, it is almost the only swerved a city that is most often made, which allows up to receive fair winds and perform Superb view from the second level or at the west of the city. The irregular shape of the space creates an acute angle surrounded by the foliage of tall trees that are already established on the sidewalk. the other embraces the garden, the union of the two creates a vacuum that the vertices in the heart of the house with a large internal myrtle. The house was designed with large spaces, generous and continuous, there is no obstacle in sight, and the structure of the house is shaped by high beams lining the spaces are not supported which allow the continuity of vision all the way to the background. To achieve a powerful concept formal use of materials is almost the same in all areas, wood stretches from floor to walls and doors, ceramic floor with a perfect finish covers the entire inner surface volumes that stand out are a powerful and well-defined areas, particularly the rough concrete chimney that gives strength to the large open living room and the other is a big fall, which divides the space and mergers in the context of whole.

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