2011. március 11., péntek

The modern Avenal House from Paul Morgan Architects

The Avenel House is the picturesque epitome of performance based design.  If it were a car you might call it the perfect fusion between a Maserati and a Prius. After all, this home is strong, lavish and elegant.  It’s luxurious, striking and modern, the illustration of innovation.  For every luxurious element of the home though, Paul Morgan Architects has managed to find a way to pay homage to its rural surroundings.Here’s some more information avenel house from Paul Morgan Architects :
Situated on an expansive property in Central Victoria, the design of this four-bedroom house has been inspired by the dynamic landscape elements apparent at this exposed rural setting.
These ecological conditions have been used to generate formal and spatial qualities of the design. The modeling of these dynamic forces—wind and sun – on the skin of the building has produced a performance envelope.
The Avenel house combines a lightweight metal skin with a more grounded stone and concrete base. Strathbogie granite has been quarried from the site, cut and laid to form a strong relationship between the house and the landscape.

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