2010. augusztus 23., hétfő

Modern Appartement Interior Design from Stanic Harding

This modern apartment interior design is located on level 16 of a circular 18 storey high tower in Darling Point, Sydney and takes up the whole floor. Designed with modern touch and applying luxury interior design trends by Stanic Harding, this latest interior design project by the designer was designed to maximize 360 degree potential views of the harbour, its bridge and the Opera House in Sydney.These modern apartment interior spaces are radial than orthogonal with every room corner has as good connection to full window bays as possible. The ceiling treatment in the public spaces is designed to enhance this circular sense by installing thin, flush fitting fluorescent strips radiating out to the perimeter. This provides for a stronger and cleaner ceiling plane that is contributing to the quality of the space. The central core responds to the perimeter with the curved surface made up of beautifully finished panels upholstered in a padded wool fabric. These are either fixed or are secret doors to storage or robe areas. Vertical strip lighting located at set centres divide panels and provide feature or mood lighting.
 Ezt a modern luxuslakást Sidney-ben található a Darling Point toronyház 16. emeletén belsőépítésze pedig Stanic Harding és építész irodája. A toronyház kör alaprajzából adódóan a lakásban is magától érthetődően ívek közé rendeződött a lakás enteriőre.Az óriási üvegfelületeken keresztül pedig mivel a lakás szinte az egész szintet elfoglalja  360 fokos kilátás nyílik a Sidney Operára ill a kikötőre.

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