2010. augusztus 2., hétfő

Luxury Villa Allegra Modern House Design in Miami Beach from Oppenheim Architecture

Modern tropical house located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA is very perfect home staying when we are in holiday. Luxury villa Allegra design ideas presents in the contemporary and minimalist exterior and interior decorating. This modern villa design has multiple rooms that each room designed with modern luxurious interior decor. Actually both interior and exterior villa architectures design.  These modern homes have been added to a non-descript, one-story residence transforming it into a receiver of Miami’s tropical climate. While the effect is striking, smallest alterations were created to the existing construction. The luxury villa is entered from side to side a 20′x30′x30′ volume which a reflecting swimming pool and oculus align to make active the room with luminance and reflection. A large room design organizes the home into private and public realms. Tremendous areas with oversized windows overlook the pool and canal. In the second floor of this modern residence design contains a secluded courtyard green garden, off the lavish master bedroom, for private activities. The project offers a flexible infrastructure for the participation and comfortable of the pleasures of life.
       Ez a Letisztult modern trópusi ház Floridában Miami Beach-en található és az Oppenheim építész iroda tervei alapján épült meg .Az Allegra Luxusvilla nagyon szép példája a kortárs modern minimalista építészetre ill. belsőépítészetre.Ez a modern villa design mutatkozik a ház összes szobájában a nappalitó a hálószobákig.Az eszméletlen óriási ablakokon keresztül gyönyörű a  kilátás a hatalmas trópusi kertre valamint az úszómedencére.Ez a modern Luxusvilla öszeségében kiváló lehetőséget biztosít a tulajdonosainak a kikapcsolódásra és elvezni az élet örömeit.

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  1. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.


  2. The home looks absolutely beautiful I love that it's not in an urban neighborhood and that it literally looks out on the water - some "waterfront" means that you can see part of the lake way far in the distance. A great property!